Who is John Ralph?

I live and work in Camphill School Aberdeen, a community for children and young adults with complex needs. I have been active as a qualified eurythmist since 1988. Eurythmy remains my beloved vocation, as teacher and performer although I have recently become an active researcher in education and social pedagogy. I am actively researching methods of promoting self-development and student centred learning in adult education through dialogue, eurythmy and creativity. What I have learned in Tom Brown Jr's Tracking School has added complementary dimensions to my work.

I am interested in the art of dialogue, intuitive practice, developing aspects of the work of Rudolf Steiner (anthroposophy), the role of the life processes and sensory perception in social pedagogy, and the role of the arts in adult learning. I grow trees in pots and spend too much time on my computer. I love waterfalls, all forms of co-creative activity, and playing traditional and renaissance music on recorder and pipe-and-tabor.

I am happy to share what I have learned about eurythmy, intuitive practice and anthroposophy, and also to learn together with others. I am available for courses, presentations and retreats. I like to work as part of a team.