Discover Eurythmy FAQ
Discover Eurythmy FAQ

What is the best way to watch eurythmy on stage?

I wonder how many in an audience see the whole of a eurythmy performance, especially when there is more than one person moving on stage. We often see only a small fraction of what is presented to us.

I recommend viewing the stage as a whole, rather than focussing on specific eurythmists. Keep your eyes as relaxed and alert as your ears are when you listen to chamber music. It can help to try looking between the performers or just above their heads, rather than concentrating on individuals. Your ears can hear everything, even the details and nuances of a four-part fugue, and your eyes can learn to do the same.

At all costs try to avoid staring at individual faces - the meaningful movement is elsewhere. Look around the moving eurythmists and sense how their motion changes the space. Much of eurythmy is the sculpting of a qualitative landscape and it helps if you let your imagination flow through what you see.

The aim is to view the whole stage in whatever manner comes most easily to you, and you can watch individual performers for a while if your attention is drawn to them. It may be as important for eurythmy audiences to rehearse as for performers!

See Discover Eurythmy: A Beginner's Guide to Watching Eurythmy

“The two things that interest me most are the significance of human action,
gesture and movement.”
-- Barbara Hepworth

Where can I see a performance?



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