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Why do eurythmists often look miserable on stage?

Have you ever looked at people playing an instrument in a classical concert? What do their faces portray? Concentration is often the most visible expression. If you consider that eurythmists are concentrating on playing their instrument then it is understandable that they are not grinning, gurning, or miming facial expressions. In performance, a eurythmist may suffer from nervousness but is not usually miserable. Stage eurythmists are concentrating hard! The best performers will express so much with their instrument - the whole body - that you will not be distracted to look at the facial expression.

Hopefully the eurythmist's face can remain relaxed and in tune with the performance, but we are so used to examining the human face for clues to what is being expressed, that we get fixed on it and are not free to look further. Then it is our problem if we are not looking at the movement.

Good advice for watching eurythmy performances is to relax and listen with our eyes. We can easily become tensed up trying to decipher what is going on, so chill out and remember how you listen to a symphony!

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