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Are eurythmy gestures different for left handed people?

From my understanding and personal experience, there is no difference in the gestures of eurythmy for those of a left or right orientation. They are objective in the way that a left handed guitar should produce the same sound quality as a right handed guitar.

This question plagued me at the beginning of my training as I am ambidextrous. The deeper question is whether the experience of the gestures will be the same for a leftie as a rightie, and I can only say that I do not experience it to be so. It would be worth investigating among varying-handed eurythmists to see if personal experiences are any more individual than between a group of only right-handed eurythmists.

If a person is left handed it shows as a dominance on one side - the left - that affects the way a person relates to the world, perceptually and affectively. Many folk have cross-dominance of hand, foot, eye or ear. Objectively, the heart is swung to the same side as in a right-handed person and there are no physical or obvious psychological abnormalities to be seen. Having stated that, I can experience that left-handed handwriting often shows variation according to emotional states, as my former work colleagues often delighted in pointing out. Right-handed handwriting remains relatively consistent, so if I am feeling a bit dishevelled I always write on the right.

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